What is it about people

What is it about people that to make themselves look better they have to put other people down? What is it about people that makes them care so much about what other people say, or do, or think? I don’t give a shit what you think about me, why should you care what i think about you? What is it about people that makes them think they are better than someone else? We all live in this world honey, we all struggle, we all die, and no one can take it with them when they go so just shut the hell up. What is it about people that they can trample all over another person’s feelings without another thought? I hope your heart gets stomped on honey while I watch and laugh



I’m so tired of putting myself out there for people who can’t be bothered to take the time to talk to me. I feel like no one really knows me.  I feel like I care more about other people than they care about me. If I disappeared would anyone even care?


I close my eyes and make a wish. I place my trust in the gods. I light a candle and cast a spell and hope that i get what I want. I’ve denied this part of myself for too long. I am a witch, i will use what powers i have, I will not be afraid to stir the magics


You know, when statements are written done it is very hard to pick up the meaning of a statement. So before all you self righteous arm chair judges start jumping on people for their statements think about that. And also, if you haven’t spent time with someone physically, don’t talk to them on a regular basis and have no contact other than fb statuses then don’t presume to think you know them, don’t presume to think you know what they mean. You place your own personal biases upon someone’s statement that may have been joking, sarcastic, etc. Oh, and if you are a man, don’t think you can tell a woman what she should think, feel, or do, because you are a so called male feminist. Bs. I tell you this honey, you will never know what it is like to be a woman. You can sympathise but what it comes down to it, you are a man, and have never faced and will never have to face what a woman does. So stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. And girls call each other’s whores all the time btw. Just sayin

Self doubt

As an introvert, i tend to overthink things. Yes, I dwell on things alot. Anything you say to me, I will mull over in my head endlessly and wonder what you meant by it. I wish I could read minds, only so I could know what people really think of me. I’m not ashamed to admit I crave affection, and yes I do have a tendency to fish for compliments as dave you certainly know. I guess it’s just because I want to know that people truly care about me. I guess I need to heat the words from time to time. I’m always doubting myself, feeling like I’m not good enough, like I’m a failure. I just want to know that I’m not alone in this life


I feel like I’m floating away from myself sometimes. I’m just one big jumble of emotions that I can’t let out. If I’m too affectionate I’m clingy. If I get mad and cranky I’m a bitch. Why can’t I be myself without someone placing a label on it? Why am I so afraid of people seeing all of the dark things that I hide Inside? I am who I am.

Good witch or bad witch

Good witch or bad witch? How about just witch? I admit it still makes me nervous sometimes to tell people I’m pagan, and I hardly ever use the word witch, but I am beginning to embrace it. Yes I’ve moved away from all the goody goody lightness of wicca and embraced my darkside  but no that doesn’t mean I’m satanic or anything. It posses me off how people toss around that word. They have no idea what it really is. Now I don’t follow that path and don’t want to, but I respect those who do and I know true satanists get a bad rap. Hoodoo and folk magick attract me I admit. A little hex work isn’t a bad thing. True evil I think has no regard for anyone or anything, and I would never follow that path, but hey, some people I know are deserving of a voodoo doll. Or excuse me poppet, or two 😉

Speaking in song

You know when song lyrics seem to express exactly what you are feeling and/or what you would love to say? Yeah..that’s me like all of the time.  I wold speak in song lyrics if I could. Just pass them around. I wish I could write songs..I’ve tried poetry and yeah I need work. Songs just speak to my heart..and yeah I secretly dream.of having a love song or poem written for me. I worship song writers. Kristen Hersh  is a goddess, if I could be her..if I could be anyone but me sometimes